Are you looking for a reliable supplier of imported roofing slate?

In 2009 Premier Stone was founded. Backed with over 20 years of experience in natural stone in slabs and tile. One factor was evident to us, this was an industry of trends. Conscience made it increasingly difficult, selling a building material as durable and practical as stone, for such a short-term aesthetic driven market.

Due to our attention to detail Premier Stone was asked more and more to provide for projects. Finding the impossible to meet the desires of the most discriminating clients. Then one day a customer respecting our background asked for roofing slate for a project and the rest as they say is history. Our Roofing Slate Imports line was born.

All of us at Premier Stone and Roofing Slate Imports of Walpole MA look forward to establishing long term relationships with contractors and clients alike. In an industry that serves generations of craftsmen. We hope to be the partner to serve this industry with the passion and excellence it is due.

How Can Roofing Slate Import Help You?